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No referral is needed if you are going to pay the fees yourself or you decide to use the extras cover of your health fund to part pay your fees. You will need a referral from your doctor called a Mental Health Care Plan, only  if you want to claim from Medicare. Relationship counselling/ couple therapy or Careers counselling/vocational assesssments cannot be claimed on Medicare so clearly no referral is required for these services.  Just book in for an appointment at your convenience. If you need more information about this please ask to talk to Donna directly about this or send her an email.
Bulk Bill

Some spaces are available currently for clients who hold a Health Care card to be bulk billed; that is no gap to pay. You will need a Mental Health Care Plan from your Gp to access this facility.
Office location

Our office is located at 1 John Street Eastwood SA 5063. Eastwood is located on the Adelaide City Fringe less than 3 kilometres from the GPO.
Telephone 08 8373 3555 24 hours/ 7days Fax 08 8373 4995.
Booking an in-office appointment by telephone

You can book an in -office appointment by telephoning 08 8373 3555. Appointments can be made directly between 9.00am and 5.00pm. However, if you need to ring to make an appointment outside of those hours we will return your call and assist you. Again, telephone 08 8373 3555 More info here>>
Booking an in-office appointment on line

If you wish to book an in- office appointment on line, please click here.
Office Hours

The Eastwood office is open from 9.30am to 5.00 pm Tuesday to Friday. Appointments  are available at Eastwood every Saturday from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Out of hours appointments are available for emergency purposes.
Individual Counselling/Therapy

Individual counselling/therapy is suitable for clients who are suffering from anxiety, depression and a range of other difficulties such as the effects of abuse and trauma. Everyday stresses can be assisted also. Read More>>
Couple Therapy - Relationship  Counselling

Relationship problems can be the most demanding stressful problems that any of us may have to face. Having therapy can help resolve many of these issues These services include family as well as couple therapy. Read More>>
Career Counselling and Vocational Assessment

Career counselling can be very helpful if you are experiencing a high degree of job dissatisfaction. Donna can help here in several ways:counselling is suitabel for client who have a bit of a feel for what changes they want to make; This service is charged out at $174.35 per hour.
However, for clients who feel confused and unclear about the direction that they need to take, a vocational assessment can be useful. This involves usually three visits to the office. There is an initial assessment session, a testing session and a feed back session in which a written report is given as well as counselling.
Such an assessment can be also helpful for students in the final years of secondary school and useful for tertiary students. This can also be useful for adults already in the workforce who may wish to review their career directions.
It is recommended that you check directly with Donna the psycholgist about whether career counselling or a vocational assessment is what you need. You can do this by sending an email or telephoning and asking to talk to Donna directly. As there is some indivdual variation in what is needed, you will need to contact Donna directly to discuss the fees for this service. This can as indicated be done via email or phone.
Vocational assessments are also useful in a legal situation. Read More>>
Workcover Clients

The practice offers a full range of psychological services to clients who find themselves injured as a result of a work related injury. Read More>>
Motor Accident Clients

The practice offers a full range of psychological services for clients who may have been involved in a road accident. Read More>>
Women's Health Issues

The practice can assist with problems associated with women's health such as infertility, post natal depression, menopause and other issues. Read More

Retirement & Issues for Seniors

Retirement can be a time of positive change and growth, but sometimes problems can arise. Counselling can be helpful. Read More>>
Weight problems / eating disorders

Consulting a psychologist for these issues can result in a more reastic and sensible approach to resolving these problems. Read More>>
Booking an in office appointment online
Please allow 24 hours for appointment confirmation. Please click here to book online.

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