• 1-Live-Events-and-Everyday-Stresses
  • 2-Depression-and-Mood-Problems
  • 3-Career-Vocational-Counselling-Adelaide
  • 4-Relationships-and-Communication
  • 5-Chronic-Pain-and-Illness-Stress
  • 6-Anxiety-and-Panic-Attacks
  • 7-Everyday-Stresses-and-Lifes-Hassles

Workcover Clients

Sometimes these injuries may be a physical injury such as a back problem. Pain, depression and anxiety can result from such injuries. Assistance from a psychologist with experience in pain management and the psychological aftermath of such events can be most helpful.
Sometimes the work related problems have resulted in the client suffering from stress. This practice has many years experience in assisting with these issues.
Other services available to Workcover clients are vocational assessments, suitable for clients needing to redefine their career and  employment options.


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